Insurance & Risk

Mitigating your risk as a professional and a business is not optional and hence it is hugely important to partner with an Insurance Professional that you can trust. Practice Success Collective collaborators are proven experts, that can guide you through the risks that you need to be acutely aware of such as data breach and cyber.


Meena Wahi | Director

Cyber Data-Risk Managers

Professional and personalized insurance services to meet the requirements of your health practice.

Specialist advice for Vicarious Medical Indemnity, Cyber Insurance, Management Liability, Business Property. We look at your risk such as trademark/branding, employment practices, non-compete, first and third party risk and liabilities and suggest the best insurance policies.

Unlike a lot of brokers, we have carried out first-hand research of London and US markets and established relationships with Australian and London underwriters. We will take a long-term approach to your insurances and show results that create offer your business the right protection.

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